About Us

We’re a farm family that owns and operates a pizza production facility, retail store, and meat processing plant in Winkler, Manitoba, Canada.

Our business began in 2003, as a direct result of the US border closing to Canadian cattle imports. When the beef market collapsed, we decided to open a meat and sausage kitchen in Winkler, across from Superstore. A small pizza kitchen was added almost as an afterthought. In this kitchen, a new idea was born to bring “Food the way Mom makes it” to the public.

The beef we use is raised on our family farm, without the use of steroids or hormones. We feed our livestock corn silage, milled corn and barley, alfalfa, hay and straw, most of which is also grown on our farm.

Our farmer sausage and deli meats are made with Manitoba pork, and we use only young market animals. Our farmer sausage is a pure pork product, gluten-free and hickory-smoked made using the traditional home-style Winkler recipe.

Frozen pizza has become a large part of what we do. We make the pizza crust, the sauce, and all the meats that top our pizzas. Because we produce our own beef and make our own sausages and pizza toppings, we’re able to consistently maintain a high standard of quality.

“Quality” is a throwaway word these days, but in our case, we use the word quality with confidence. We know exactly what’s in our meat, from beginning to end.

As farmers and beef guys, we were surprised to suddenly find that our pizza business had overtaken our beef and deli sales. We’ve gone from feeding 700 head of cattle and running a pizza business on the side, to running a pizza business and raising cattle on the side!

Our pizza business has grown because busy families are looking for quick, easy, oven-ready, delicious, and nutritious meals. They’re looking for food they can trust, and serve with confidence. They are looking for food that is Mom approved.

At our Winkler retail store, our slogan speaks to the trust we build with each of our customers: “Food the way Mom makes it.”

Today, we serve many families by supplying over 200 stores with our pizzas and some of our meat products. We would love to serve your family too!

– The Spenst Family

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