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** Please Note Changes to Order Form **

Thank you for considering placing an order through

Spenst Bros.



If your order is $75 or more the delivery will be free. If your order is less than $75 there will be a $10.00 delivery charge added.


Items ordered may not be exactly to size, however the website gives an estimated value only.  Please note for meat products, orders are prepared according to weight (per kg). We strive prepare meat orders as close to the request, however, exact measuring is not guaranteed.


If there are items you would like from our product list which are not on the order form, there will be room for you to place them under the comment area before submitting the order.


Payment will be accepted by credit card only prior to delivery. Since payment is to be made by credit card only, please call with credit card number, expiry date and CVC number before 4pm Mondays.


Deadline for placing an order is on Mondays by 4pm to ensure delivery. If payment has not been made, order will not be processed.


Our delivery van delivers every day of the week . Please call 204-331-1305 and speak to Nancy to see what day your order will be delivered on.  Driver will drop off at their convenience each of those days. If unable to receive order, please have a cooler ready outside, where the driver can leave your order.


Prices are subject to change, and you will be notified prior to delivery should this happen. Confirmation on method of payment to be arranged before deliveries made.


All fresh cuts of meat ordered will be prepared the day before your delivery. Therefore upon receiving your order the freshness has been reduced by one day. Please ensure proper storage. We will not be held responsible for improper handling and storage.