Meet the Team

Farm Manager

Garry is the Farm Manager. He is responsible for the chores that are done on the farm, and for taking care of the cattle.

Product Developer

Connie is the Product Developer. She has created many of the products we sell at Spenst Brothers. Connie also helps out wherever extra help is needed.

General Manager

Paul is the General Manager of Spenst Brothers Premium Meats. He makes sure that the store is running the way it should be and that farm is producing what the store needs.

Production Manager

Garreth is the Production Manager. He oversees that all products are being made. Garreth works alongside David and Brett.

Retail/Deli Manager

is the Retail/Deli Manager and the Restaurant Account Manager. She is responsible for making sure the front of the store is running smoothly. is also responsible for accounts of the different restaurants and convenience stores that buy and sell our product.

Meat Cutter

David is our full-time Meat Cutter. He is responsible for de-boning the beef and filling the showcase with all of our fresh beef and pork.

Sausage Maker

Brett is the Sausage Maker at Spenst Brothers. He is responsible for making the deli meat, smoked meats, hamburger patties, and much more.

Meat Packager

Jamie and Agatha are the Meat Packagers at Spenst Brothers. They are responsible for vacuum packing all smoked products and loins, wrapping fresh products, and freezer wrapping.

Retail/Deli Staff

The Retail/Deli Staff at Spenst Brothers are always ready to serve with a smile! They have various responsibilities, which include serving in the deli, serving at the till, stocking the front, and cleaning. Some staff are also responsible for baking pizza in the evenings and on Saturday’s. (These are only a few of our retail/deli staff)

Kitchen Staff

The Kitchen Staff at Spenst Brothers have various responsibilities such as making/baking pizza, making perogies and pot pies, baking buns and cinnamon loaves, and other kitchen products. (These are only a few of our kitchen staff)